smart-phone-forensicsMobile Device Forensics

Mobile devices today are not simply phones or tablets; they are miniature computers storing thousands of bits of data that users never see. For example, GPS location information may be stored at the time text messages are sent, pictures taken, or social media accessed. A skilled forensic investigator can recover this hidden information to track someone’s movements and activities, in chronological order. This evidence is extremely useful when determining a person’s level of truthfulness or assessing culpability and intent.


Examples of Data Recovered and Analyzed

• Deleted TXT Messages: SMS and MMS
• Internet Activity
• Application Activity
• Voicemails (iPhone)
• Deleted Pictures
• Call Logging
• Location Tracking (GPS)

Uses of Recovered Mobile Device Data

Mobile devices can yield a treasure-trove of valuable evidence. Evidence recovered from smartphones has been used in corporate proceedings and in court, involving matters ranging from internal investigations of employee wrongdoing to intellectual property theft litigation.

Devices Analyzed

• iPhones
• Android Devices: Samsung, Motorola, etc.
• iPads
• Android Tablets
• Blackberrys
• Windows Mobile
• Backup & Cloud Devices

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