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A computer forensic investigation encompasses more than just the “examination” of digital assets. It’s the use of cutting-edge investigative and analytical tools and techniques on a digital device to uncover evidence that many examiners miss. Digital devices include computers, servers, smartphones or any other electronic device that stores data. These devices undergo a forensic investigation when there is a known event or suspicion, usually in response to intellectual property matters, trade secret theft or employee malfeasance. Sometimes it’s an employee taking information to start a competitive business. Other times it’s a well thought-out plan of espionage where a competitor has enticed a trusted insider or used a skilled cyber team to steal confidential information.

Despite common belief, rarely is there a smoking gun. More often there are small pieces of seemingly un-associated information that need to be collected. Swailes digital investigators are highly skilled at taking disparate pieces of data, and carefully recreating the events and timelines, and assembling the facts and circumstances surrounding the activity, even when the data was deleted or intentionally obfuscated. A forensic examination performed without real-world investigative experience usually results in a simple report of data found, which lacks correlation to the facts and claims asserted. A true forensic investigation takes the science of forensics combined with the art of investigation and provides a complete foundation on which to build your case.

Forensic proficiency + investigative expertise = successful outcomes.


Examples of Data Recovered and Analyzed

• Deleted Emails (Local, Server and Webmail)
• Deleted Documents (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.)
• Social Media Activity
• Deleted Images and Pictures
• Web Internet Browsing History
• External Drive Activity (USB or Thumb Drive)
• Chat History
• Volatile Data (Memory Analysis)
• Data Carving
• Deleted Voicemail Messages
• GPS Details


The Swailes Difference

• Extensive Civil & Criminal Expertise
• Certified Forensic Examiners
• Experienced Expert Witnesses
• State Licensed Investigators
• Live Testimony Experience
• Evidence Preservation Expertise

Recovering Confidential Files

Cases involving intellectual property theft or internal investigations can be won or lost with recovered e-mail messages and other electronic files. If an attempt has been made to delete, erase, or otherwise hide critical evidence, you need experienced, competent forensic examiners who are actual investigators. Swailes Computer Forensic investigators routinely search and retrieve data that was deemed permanently lost.

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